Friday, February 29, 2008

Duck Hunt

The Ducks play host to the Flames this evening in what will most assuredly be a spirited tilt. To be honest, a prediction in nearly pointless on my part because it never works out. At any rate, the Flames looked rock solid last game against the Avs despite the loss. With more of the same the Flames should be dining on duck a l'orange.

The Ducks are a strong capable team. Much to my damn chagrin because I effing hate everything about them. Getzlaf, Salami, Prongs, Needymyer, big Bert blah blah blah combine to form the mighty Devastator but Giguere is the real worry, he's been hot against the Flames of late.

Help me Iron Mike Keenan-obi, you're our only hope. Which scares the crap out of me however with the consensus being Tangs may join the top line while the juice returns to his rightful place with the 2nd unit our offensive system just got upgraded. As well, Nystrom seems to have drawn back into the fold which will bring some excellent grit and determination. Couple that with Nolan and I think good things will happen.

The Ducks are the team to beat. If we beat them I feel a small sense of excitement. If we don't, I don't think any long term conclusions can be made about either team. The post season is still a few games away. Anything can happen. Like, Selanne can end up locked in someone's basement while Getz's SUV is carjacked. I'm just saying, life in California isn't just sunshine and lollipops. It can be 9mms and thug life.


walkinvisible said...

you're supposed to predict a flames meltdown... now we're doomed.

Rob said...

I know, I am going with the no prediction will be a win theory. Fingers crossed.

walkinvisible said...

well, the good news is that you'll predict an outrageous blowout by the coyotes.... ;)