Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Guerilla Tactics: Let's make a deal

Well, the blog-o-sphere has been a bit quiet on the trade talk of late. Mainly because we are all resigned to the reality of Sutter's unpredictability. However, I have some things I want to get off my chest regarding this topic:

Things that we think know:
  1. Forsberg is not available.
  2. Jokinen is available.
  3. Vermette and Corvo are available.
  4. Sundin and Kaberle are available.
  5. Prospal is available.
  6. Tanguay is not available.
  7. The great Cujo experiment proved that our D is brutal. We need D.
The Forsberg sweepstakes are in full effect but CGY has been ruled out as a destination. Philly, Ottawa, and (shudder) Vancouver might be realistic landing strips for his services. God help the Flames if Foppa joins Naslund (his BFF). We're so fucked if that happens.

Jokinen would be a welcome addition to the Flames roster thus filling the terrible hole at center TSN thinks we have. Problem, his price will be steep. Florida's needs are too uh . . . needy.

Vermette and Corvo. Well well well. It's not a shock Murray is looking for bodies unless you inhabit the cozy space beneath a rock. With Heatley and Alfie on the sidelines the Sens can't get shit going. Murray needs a forward with a nose for the net. CGY needs a defenseman. I could stomach Juice for Corvo. Vermette would be a nice addition for Lombo as well. This has potential for the Sens and CGY.

Sundin - Kaberle. Even when the Flames were shellacked by Edmonton I was relieved to recall that the Leafs stink even more. Sundin - Kaberle would be awesome additions to the Calgary lineup. To bad we'd end up selling the farm to get them. With Fletcher at the helm, Mats and Kaberle aren't leaving for anything less than heaven and most of hell.

Prospal could be a useful rental heading into the cup. Dude can score. Doesn't really solve the issue of our D being thin.

Ideal Scenario #1: Foppa heads to the Sens. Murray has ~2.7M in space so he could get Forsberg for cash. Let's say for some reason this fails and he needs to clear some cap room. Send Corvo and Vermette to Calgary where Sutter (we also have ~2.7M in room) has to drop some dead weight (Warrener, Preems, etc). Boom. Everyone is happy. Mostly.

Ideal Scenario #2:
Sutter wrangles Prospal out of Tampa for a bag of pucks. Juice for Corvo straight up. Not likely, I know.

Less Ideal Scenario #3: Boyd-Eriksson for Corvo-Vermette. I'd hate to lose Boyd but this might be ok.

Less than ideal scenarios include anything involving a trade with Tangs and/or Lombo. Period.


walkinvisible said...

the worst-case scenario for me would be losing lombo. with that said, i would give up lombo for kaberle. if daz can wrestle tomas out of toronto, he would be a FUCKING godsend for the flames.

though i'm not sure where you are reading that he's available. if i was fletcher, he'd be the #1 guy to keep.

Rob said...

Kaberle made the TSN dirt sheet, so it is truly debatable whether he's available. Truth be told, I can't see him leaving TO either but Fletcher is pretty crafty. . .

walkinvisible said...

he's probably considered available since he's the only guy in a leafs jersey that doesn't have a no trade clause.