Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I am hopeful the hockey gods miss this post. The Flames are a remarkable 0-4 in my last 4 game day posts where I say something positive. That's frustrating.

The pic to the immediate left is a classic example of Calgary defense. Although, in Calgary's defense, the game against the Ducks was, in a word, filthy. You see, the Ducks have virtually the same lineup as last year heading into the post season and they won the Stanley Cup. So it holds that they are in a good position this year. However, if they could play just a little less thuggy I would be happy. Calgary needs to stay calm, hit hard, and play their game. Once you march to the tune of the Ducks you're screwed. Just ask the Sens. Of course, when the officiating is that terrible you're in real trouble.

It was nice to see Cujo in net against the Coyotes. It was even nicer to win that game and see Iggy light the lamp. Less impressive was the Juice and Lombo hiting iron on empty nets. Ouch boys. Of course, had I posted anything that day it would have been predicting a coyotes rout of the Flames. It's like a tradition here at the GSN now.

Rumors are that Mike Keenan is brandishing the Iron. Dear lord, I hope that doesn't involve viagra or a goalie trade. Of course TSN is back from it's post trade coma and they stopped covering the mighty Mats Sundin for a few seconds to offer the most preposterous BS since the Tanguay trade rumors: a goalie controversy in Calgary? You are KIDDING me? If Cujo starts tonite it might be because Kipper is exhausted and likely has the flu.

So predictions. This could go both ways, I'll be honest. Nash is hot. Iggy is hot. Juice is decidedly not hot. I predict a Flames win but it will be close. 2-1.


Anonymous said...

Damn striaght! Juice is most definitely NOT HOT. On or off the ice. It's getting down to crunch time though and we all know how poorly he played post season last year.

PS - What's up with the sound problem on my computer...


walkinvisible said...

i'm glad you put up a basketball pic to confuse the hockey gods. that said, i'm not thrilled about your prediction.... you know how these things work.

u comin out friday ? venue TBD but steal thunder's in town. should be a good time.

Rob said...

Dee, welcome to the GSN! T-Rap and I will fix your sound. The GSN also does tech support!

WI: I'm a game time decision for Friday, I will keep an eye on your plans. My elbow is mysteriously swollen I'm just waiting on the MRI. It's affecting my ability to drink ;-)

Steal Thunder said...

In the small town I grew up in, we were taught to be ambidextrous drinkers from an early age (so you can drink your beer with your left hand while you are throwing a horseshoe with your right)...

Or we could just get you a straw... ;D