Monday, February 25, 2008

Lots of Stuff.

The race for Lord Stanley's Chalice is entering it's final stretch once the trade deadline passes. With more drama than an episode of the Hills I have many things to mention. Of course, it's all nonsensical but enjoy you savvy sports reader.

1) Congrats to the Flames on their journey from the NW division outhouse to the penthouse. Now boys, keep it focused, keep it real and get it done on the final stretch here, please? JimmyV is a welcome addition to the lineup. Daz, thank you for reading FiveHoleFanatics, hitthepost, and every other flames blog while disreagarding TSN.

2) Tanguay. You know, I think we should let TSN manage a team for a year, say florida's panthers? It would be AMAZINGLY funny to see the result. I say this only because the so called hockey experts are completely idiotic and not one of their trade concepts has made any sense. Tanguay should and hopefully will stay in Calgary. If he is traded for Michael Ryder I will be a) shocked b) crushed and c) lose all faith in Big D. Sutter. People, read the stats for Ryder, the dude has been stinking it up this year and I suspect he's got a lot of other shit on his mind besides hockey. That's not an asset, it's a liability. Tangs, not having his best year likely due to the keenan line-o-rama, has still been contributing in each and every game. Of late, he's been on a tear.

3) The Oilers.
Wow. Unluckiest team ever. I haven't seen a team with more critical injuries in my lifetime. Will Schremp draw in for a few games now? I really feel for the oil, and I am no oilers fan, I wish all their players a speedy recovery. As well, I hope MacT isn't feeling any heat because as annoying as he is, he provides the best post game press conferences. Lastly, would someone put Moreau on a diet of meat, milk, and vitamins? I swear his bones are made of balsa wood.

4) Mats Sundin and the Leafs in General.
As the trade deadline approaches 'sniffing distance' the Leafs have provided a great deal of fodder for the drama machine. In a nutshell, MLSE has decided to fire-sale everything not nailed down including the soul of the team for the last decade+. Kudos to Mats for wanting (what could be his last game) to keep wearing the blue and white. I take back every comment questioning Sundin's character, that guy should be put on a path to sainthood. Sadly, the MLSE group is trying to destroy any good that can come of the situation. I feel that it's a tragedy unfolding in TO and it will only get uglier in the next 24 hours. For a moment let's be realists, the leafs are fucked for 07-08, period. I don't think a mad scramble at the trade deadline is going to be in anyone's best interest. A careful, considered approach starting today and heading into the off season will let the Leafs sort out a strong, young team for next season. Get some new blood up for the rest of the season try them out in the NHL. Fletch, please, do anything other than trade everything in sight.

Well, that is all I have folks. I apologize for the distinct lack of Flames material here but I am in a quandary with respect to the Cs. If I post nicely, they lose. If I post hate filled rants they win. If I don't post at all, they seem to win. I am negotiating a CBA with the Hockey Gods that will let me continue posting without the ethereal consequences of a Flames round 1 exit from the playoffs.

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