Thursday, February 7, 2008

Guerilla of the Week: Mr. Sutter aka Daz

Big D signed Dion. Now that Phaneuf is making an honest wage, perhaps he could purchase a fucking suit for the odd press conference. I'm all for rocking out a t-shirt and jeans but damn son, dress up a little. Ok, that is all I want to say about that.

Sutter. Where do we begin? The 5 year plan for the cup, the near miss in 04, the wicked farm team development program . . . if you want to read the book on a solid GM you need to wait for Darryl to write it. Plus, there's his delicate touch with the media.


walkinvisible said...

thank you, sir, for embracing "daz." it's totally an australian short form, but makes the name so much coooler !!!

Gale Force 12 said...

"wicked farm team development program"? Whhhhaaaaaat?

Now full credit to Sutter for the trades and signings he's made, but we haven't called up someone good from the farm in FOREVER! Nor have we drafted anyone in the last 15 years other than Phaneuf.

I guess the likes of Moss, Boyd, Nystrom have been.. decent. But it's a long way from wicked IMO.

The Sharks do a fantastic job of drafting and bringing up young talent.

I'm headed to the Sharks/Flames game tonight. Wearing my Sharks jersey. I'm pumped.

walkinvisible said...

rob. where the hell have you been ?

Gunn said...

Dude, I'm bored... more GSN, less waiting!