Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Battle of Alberta: Advantage Oilers

I have been absent from the Blogosphere. I was hoping to trumpet my return to posting with a loud and raucous festival rivaling Mardi Gras but alas, it is not to be.

The Flames squared off against a lame looking Oilers lineup last evening. The Oilers, now sans Torres, Souray, AND Horcoff, are digging deep to fill the roster. In fact. I am surprised 'The Hockey Jesus' was not suited up. At any rate, many (me included) predicted a Flames bloodbath in which the Oilers would be crushed in a finality so vivid, so epic,
Kevin Quinn and Ray Ferraro would but open their mouths and start singing the song that ends the Earth. (that song is Hit Me One More Time by Britney Spears)

Well, it looks like the week of upsets continues. First Eli Manning, and now the bloody Oilers. Look, I have no interest in defending the Flames, last night was a failure on their part. An Epic Failure. I stopped watching the game, not because I turned it off but because I was blinded by tears of shame. Hats off to the Oilers for what was a riotous win and just another stop on the 'nice try but you're still not making the playoffs' train.

Things worth discussing:

1) Cujo leaving the crease. Jesus H dude, you're forty and one win away from beating Terry Sawchuck's record. There is no need to establish credibility by fighting with Garon. Period. Last evening's shellacking is not your fault.

2) Dion's sorta fight. Memo to Phaneuf: YOU FIGHT LIKE A WOMAN. Drop the glove and fight you pansy. fuck, it's not like you're a pretty boy.

3) MacT. This man is good for a sound bite but sometimes he should think before he speaks:

"It's maybe a strange tactic for a team like Calgary that depends so heavily on (Miikka Kiprusoff) to be targeting the opposition's goaltender," he said. "Those kinds of things have a way of coming back at you."

Uh, MacT no one knows better than the Flames the importance and sanctity of Kipper. Goddard was not instructed to hit Garon, he was being an idiot. Kudos to Garon for his Emmy award winning performance, if Goddard really wanted to run into him; Garon would be bleeding to death in an Edmonton hospital. Slowly. As for this BS about things 'coming back at you' have you ever watched a Flames game you muppet? Kipper is run pretty much every night. Dear MacT: STFU. You got a 7 minute PP out of the deal, and Garon got a shut out wasn't that enough?

4) Sarich. I think he needs anger management classes. He always looks so angry and he kinda tuned Glencross. I like it, but we need him playing and healthy.

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Shaun said...

ya man, that game was a disaster for Flames fans. Just awful. They couldn't even goon it up properly.

Two things I disagree with though:

1. I thought it was great that Cujo was willing to battle Garon. Smart? No. But the game was out of reach by that point, I believe, anyway. Nice to see someone with some commitment.

2. I don't think it's fair to call Phaneuf out for being weak. From what I saw, Moreau totally cross-checked him in the face when Phaneuf was looking to the side. Then Moreau had his gloves off and was swinging before Dion even knew what was happening. When Dion finally got his gloves off, Moreau dropped. Say what you want about Phaneuf, but I don't think he backs down from a fight when grabbed like that.

What did disappoint me in this instance was that no one went after Moreau. Unacceptable. Regs, Iggy, Warrener.... someone should have grabbed him next shift, and given him what's what. Flames were passive all night until it was too late to matter.

3. I thought Sarich stood up pretty good. Stortini is an absolute joke, but I'm glad the guys got in there to lay something of a licking on him. Would have been nice to see Smid get smacked around a bit too.

Still, gotta give props to the Oylaz! They came out ready to play, that's for sure.