Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Price is wrong . . . bitch!

MTL deals Huet to the Caps. Uh, Price is their starter now? Gainey is no fool I would suspect he's trading for another goal tender. Price is good but dude is young and the playoffs appear to be a certainty for the Habs. Rollie wants out of Edmonton . . .


Gale Force 12 said...

Looks like it's Price all the way. It's worked before with Dryden and Roy. Huge risk though.

I decided to get behind the Habs and drop Biron for Price in my pool. This move will either sink me or lead me to sweet victory.

Rob said...

hahaha, given the Habs lack of fwd acquisition it all comes down to Mike Ryder. He's the most sought after but not traded fwd of 08. Or at least TSN feels that way. He's as good as Tanguay. At any rate, I fear for the Habs only because Kovalev and Koivu are treated so poorly by the fans. Nary a city outside of TO do the fans affect players so readily. I hope Price is up to the task, it's gonna be tough.

walkinvisible said...

turns out gainey IS a fool... !

i think this 'trade' (more like a giveaway) will affect the montreal dressingroom the way losing ference did to the flames last year.

we'll see.