Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Post Game: CGY v PHX

Well that was interesting. After getting embarrassed by the Oilers the first 15 seconds of the game against the Coyotes looked ok. Then, things got weird. This Mueller kid had Kipper's number all night. Please note, I am not blaming Kipper but I am considering starting a fund where we could save up and buy the Kipper a damn shutout. Then Iggy and Jovo squared off for round 2 of their somewhat consistent feud. Take notes kids, that's how you brawl. Gloves, lid, then fight.

Segue #1:
I have been getting a bit of flack for my comment on Dion's fighting prowess. Allow me to retort with a fresh dose of perspective. In the Oilers game, I think Moreau bitched out completely and I don't fault Dion in that case. However, it is my general season long comment that Dion needs to drop the gloves once or twice. Dion lays out punishing hit after punishing hit and people will take exception to it and challenge him to a brawl. I think he needs to answer that challenge, tune a few fools, and I suspect that the whole fighting thing will go away. I'm not asking him to be a Goddard, I am asking him to be like Regs. Regs went through this phase, punishing hit, fighting challenge, Regs beats opponent senseless now no one really drops the gloves on Regs. QED

The first period was all kinds of awful for the Flames. The second was odd as well, they certainly had jump and were peppering Bryzgalov with shots but it was like a mini slump, exiting a slump teams will do everything right but not be rewarded for it. Heading into the 3rd, I thought all hope was lost until BigD stepped up. I have been eager for Dion to pull some shit like this all year. That was a great display of leadership and certainly lends weight to the Dion being the real deal and true franchise worthy player. Maybe even a worthy successor to Iggy.

The last 10 seconds were all about redemption. I am extremely happy that Iggy scored but moreover the Flames found that confidence they so desperately need. Dammit, I hate this confidence BS but it really seems to be the case. Confident Flames == contenders.

Points of Note:
1) If last night wasn't adding to the mountain of evidence that Tangs is a vital member of the crew then I don't know what to tell you. Tangs, I love you in a completely non-homoerotic way and your contributions to the team will never be fully appreciated but you kick ass.

2) The Juice. Well, I think we have to be very honest here. Juice has a bag of tricks but anyone who scouts him can prepare to defend against relatively easily. Case point, on the carry in Juice likes to do the tight turnaround just before the hash marks. Unlike most players, he turns away from the boards. This, usually, buys him the time and space to molest the D and get the puck to the net. But wait, all you have to do is have someone at the point stick check him causing the puck to dribble in the neutral zone leading to an odd man rush. I dig the dangle, but the Juice is too easy to corral.

3) The Super Smash Bros D pairing.
Regs and Dion. Wow, that was a fun thing to watch. I know we can't deploy the SSB line all the time but on occasion it's fun to watch. Nice one keenan.

4) Kipper on the Shootout.
Yeah, it's HIS NET bitches. Take note.

5) Doan.
Anger fucking management. Could we over-react a bit more next time?


walkinvisible said...

SSB = ge-nius

shaun said...

ya, what was the deal with Doan? I mean, Phaneuf was being a jerk and all, but Doan was acting like Phaneuf attempted to shoot Doan's grandma on her way to church some bright Sunday morning. I mean, he was even swinging at Phaneuf after the refs got in there and were holding Phaneuf down.

I like Doan a lot actually, so I'll say that was uncharacteristic on his part.

Incredible game though. Dion really stepped us a leader, as you say. You just knew once we got that first goal, the floodgates would open.