Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trade Day Deadline Wrap up

Well, I am glad this is over. Despite having nearly blown my proverbial blog load earlier in the day I have saved up enough to post my gut reaction to the trades of the day.

But first, the allegory of the 'rental player'. Many high profile trades were made today in the hopes of securing, short term, that killer talent that will propel your team into the post season and perhaps beyond. It is a human predisposition, the urge to fortify and strengthen your clan, but since Sutter did nothing we can conclude he is not human. Sadly, the rental player is like Tim Horton's Roll up the Rim to Win. You part with your assets to secure what you know is a reliable tasting cup of coffee and the chance to win a toyota matrix or perhaps a timbit. Sadly, you enjoy the coffee only to lose the contest and be left feeling empty and hollow. Perhaps even used. Just ask Brad Stuart, Mr. Rent-a-defenseman.

High Profile Trades that did not happen:
Olli Jokinen: J Martin likely wanted all that, a bag of chips, a happy ending and a rainbow colored cloud to part with Olli's services. It's a steep price and there is the little fact that the Panthers are on the express elevator to nowhere when it comes to tasting the post season. I would be shocked to see the franchise last another two years as Las Vegas would be a better venue.

Mike Ryder: TSN would have you believe he was the most sought after forward next to Alex Tanguay. Thankfully common sense prevailed.

Alex Tanguay: I have no official comment. To everyone else: I fucking told you so.

Who Won Trade Day 08:
Colorado Avalanche:
Foote, Forsberg, Salei, have been added while Sakic and Stasny return to play. I don't think they need a goal tender. It is safe to say that the Avs rank at SEVERE on the Western conference threat index.

Dallas Stars:
They won the Brad Richards lottery. Brad has been cellar dwelling for the season and boasts a stellar -25 rating. Yeah, he's got mono or something but Jason Blake plays for the Leafs and has cancer is still +1. At any rate, Richards with Turco as the backstop will turn that frown upside down. Much to my chargrin, Mike 'Electric Fish' Ribero is also getting hot. Since the oil aren't gonna be around to soften the Stars up, the Flames better hope they don't face these guys. They rank a HIGH on the Western Conference Threat index.

CrosHossaMalkinator, it's a goal scoring machine sent back in time to obliterate you ALL! I get the feeling that the Pens think they will win the cup. Ironically, I bet it happens because of Bettman.

Prospal will bolster the offensive capabilities of Philly. Uh, they will beat their way through round 1 of the playoffs.

Who Lost:
TO leads the losers with acquiring nothing other than a 2nd and 2 5th round picks. JFJ would have done better. Fletch is losing his touch.

MTL. Man, they picked up no forwards and traded a great goalie. Now they are stuck relying on Price who has no playoff experience.


Steal Thunder said...

Smyth came back for the Avs tonight as well...

Which obviously sucks... big time...

Steal Thunder said...

Oh, and I've been argueing with my Habs-loving brother for over a month now that Tanguay wasn't going anywhere...

Anonymous said...

A couple things for me:

1. what is the deal with O. Jokinen? Why is this drama re-enacted each trade deadline? Is it just a media-ready story they fall back on, or is there something actually problematic between him and the Panthers organization? I'm so sick of this, I hope his name is never linked to Calgary again.

2. you have to figure Gainey screwed up somehow. It seems like he had a deal to get Hossa and Hedberg out of ATL, but Pittsburgh played spoiler at the very last possible minute. Very, very strange...

3. I think Brad Richards is better then people realize. That -25 is awful, but even Sutter was saying tonight that Richards is in the top-10 centers in the league. I wonder if he might have made a play for him with the intention of letting Juice and Langkow head off to UFA sunset, and maybe moving out some salary too. I think we could make it work, but it would have been damn tight.

4. Am I the only one not completely enamored with Marian Hossa? The guy is very good and all, but TSN were acting like he's Lecavalier or something. He's on pace for 70 points this year, and has a minus rating. Plus, his post-season record isn't exactly stellar. Don't get me wrong - he'll make any team much better than it is. But the way they were carrying on and on about the guy... sheesh. It's like he's the 2nd coming of Stevie Y with two good knees.

5. TSN really needs to get over the Maple Leafs... like yesterday. Watching them harangue John Ferguson Jr was embarassing. Yes, the guy screwed up the team. He knows it as does everyone else. But for them to try and hold him accountable through passive-aggressive (and not so passive) digs was unprofessional. Further, even debating whether the 2nd, 5th, and 6th round picks obtained for Gill and Belak can begin to turn the franchise around is beyond absurd. It's an insult to non-Leaf fans everywhere. What a joke!