Monday, April 23, 2007

Vancouver, you're our only hope. . .

This man had a message for the offensively offense-less Vancouver Canucks; "Step up or I will send you to 3-a-days in Siberia." Actually, I just made that up but it rings true. In what was the hardest weekend this season for us here at GSN central, our hopes of a western-Canadian team moving to round two rest squarely on the shoulders of Luongo, the Sedin sisters, and Jeff Cowan. I can't offer any prognostication for the final contest of round 1. In fact, our spirits could be broken for good by the end of the evening. I'm tired of Drew Remenda and company pointing to the stat of ShotsOnGoal (SOG) and claiming that 'Pucks on Net' make 'good things happen'. A better stat is scoring chances. How many offensive zone scoring chances did each team have? Anyhow, Canucks better win this one. Please.

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