Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pens vs Sens Pregame Report: UFC Stanley Cup Edition.

A prophetic stat: The Senators are 4-0 when holding a 3 games to 1 in the post season. I am sure Bettman will be sad but I feel it in my bones, the Penguins are going home defeated tonight. Let's discuss what everyone really wants to talk about, Ray Emery and Sid Crosby. It's clear that the Pens have a standing order to uh, get in Emery's personal space. I question the wisdom of crashing a goalie that boxes in the offseason and thinks Wesley Snipes should play him in a movie. Even Sid got in on the 'Let's crash Emery party' last game and the noted 'tough' goalie had some words for the young NHL superstar. Sadly, when asked, Emery played coy and said he didn't remember the exact words but there were likely some expletives. I bet it sounded like, "I will F**king f**k you the f**k up." Ray Emery's tough guy image is well deserved. Sidney? Well he needs to take lessons from Jarome Iginla. Anyhow, should be a fun night. I suspect the Pens are done after this game. Remember when this series started and Brian Murray said his boys were the underdogs?

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