Thursday, April 12, 2007

Day 1 of 2007 Playoffs

Ok, if any of you survived the Van-Dallas Marathon and made it to work on time this morning, I salute you. Personally, I was like the guy in the video, I couldn't make it to the end. But I have a new hydration strategy: Beer. And lots of it.

Quick Recap of the evening:

Pens and Sens
Sid the Kid and his band of Newbies were neutralized by the ice cold precision of the Spezza Commandos. The Pens brutal beat down was eclipsed only by Chris Neil's break away goal. If the Sens can maintain this brilliant strategy of not allowing many shots on Ray Emery(faced 23 shots, 3 went in), they will be contenders. I call the Sens in 6.

Sharks are Predators too
Well. I'm rooting for the Preds in this one. The Sharks were dealt a blow with CheeChoo getting kneed earlier in the game. Then with one minute remaining the Preds tied it up with a blast from the point. TSN mucked up the feed and I had to endure Marty McSorely commentating for 3 minutes. Thanks to that I got confused which side Thorton and Forsberg actually play for. This is going to game seven, and likely 4 OTs.

Speaking of 4 OTs
Dear Dallas and Vancouver. You have cost corporate American 1 Billion dollars due to your game going into 4 OTs! Anyhow, Luongo deserves the Ironman of the night with 72 saves for the win. Yes folks, 72 saves. I call that a pelting. As usual, the Sedin Sisters emerged from the mothership to score the winning goal. I predict the 'Nucks in 6 but only because of Bongo's mad skill and the Sedin's reliance on Scientology.

Wild Duck
I hate Minnie. I hate the Ducks. Don't expect a great deal of useful comments. Minnie played for the tie and that seems like a great strategy getting knocked out of the playoffs. I can't watch this series without vomiting so no predictions.

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