Sunday, April 22, 2007

Game 6 Mini Post DET vs CGY

The GSN war-room is currently located at Rob's place. In Game Coverage, sorta live.*

Um. Officially, this sucks. Noodles should have slashed you harder Franzen. Much Much harder.

10:12: Going by SOG, this game should be over.

9:53: A 4 minute PK. This doesn't look good for the Flames. Drew Remenda needs to find a new job.

9:45: Flames PP. Drew Remenda thinks it's a bad call. Drew Remenda is an idiot.

9:27: OT Suckas.

9:25: wtf. GSN Central is alternating between Rage, Excitement, and Anxiety.

9:12: Drew Remenda: "It creates a 3 on 1 when Dion Phaneuf jumps in the back door" Jesus Drew, you really need to tape yourself and listen to it.

9:11: Calgary is clearly playing for the overtime point. I think Colorado is losing, so this is clearly a good strategy. *disgust*

8:42: Anxiety is the name of the second intermission. A tie dammit.

8:29: Tony Amonte, aka CRAZY LEGS. Please do NOT touch the puck. Because when you do, Detroit scores.

8:25: Can noise damage concrete? Gotta loves those Flames Fans.

8:22: The boys look good this period, Drew Remenda needs to change his shorts after commentating on Mika's amazing flexibility and goal tending.


*Game 5 will be discussed Monday.

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