Thursday, April 12, 2007

AskGSN: My team didn't make the playoffs, Who do I cheer for?

It's a question we get a fair bit from our readers, my team is currently not in the playoffs, who should I cheer for? This is not an easy dilemma. No one wants to be accused of 'Jumping on the Bandwagon' and no one wants to be like those emo-hipster kids whose favourite band changes every week. Hockey is about loyalty and honour dammit! But the playoffs are hard to enjoy when your team is hitting the links while your arch nemesis is vying to drink champagne out of the cup. I speak from the heart as I watched the Oilers steam to the 7th game of the finals while the flames enjoyed a round 1 exit. So, GSN went to great lengths to construct an algorithm to pick a team to cheer for. Unfortunately, at first, the algorithm was a bit off . . . but we've fixed that glitch and may I present to you the team to cheer for in round 1 of the NHL playoffs if your team is out: The New York Islanders.
Why: Doobie Doobie DO

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