Thursday, April 26, 2007

Round 2: FIGHT

It was a tough night for luongo. He spent 5 occasions in a position similar to this with the puck staring back at him menacingly. The pucks they use in the NHL are a nasty breed. Look at the fear in his eyes! That being said the night started well for the Canucks with the offensive juggernaut Jeff Cowan notching his 7th goal of the year. He's totally dominating the ice and my office hockey pool. Sadly, annoyingly and somewhat unacceptably the Ducks turned things around. Teamoo Salivanuts scored. Then some kid from McDonalds or somesuch. I have to be honestly, saying anything positive about the Ducks ranks up there with that burning sensation I feel when I pee. I can't respect a team that was inspired by a disney movie. I can't respect Chris Pronger. Yeah yeah, he can beat me up but he's in Anaheim and I'm not. ScottyN is cool though, what's he doing with those freaks! Getzlaf should be ashamed of himself too. Anyhow, hatred for the Ducks aside, the Nucks better buckle down and score some goals.

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