Sunday, April 15, 2007

Mmmm.... Humble Pie.

Looks like I am chowing down on some tasty humble pie. Pavel Datsyuk is owning the Flames, breaking out in step with my other break out predictions. The Flames got demolished out there today. 97-35 for shots in the two games combined. If that's not embarrassing I don't know what is. Regehr is badly missed out there. Lidstrom is absolutely smothering Iginla. If Calgary can't cash on the intensity of the fans at the Dome, this series is going to be over in 4. Even the freaking Islanders beat Buffalo!

Turco looks good. The Stars are scary.

Did anyone watch the NBC feed of Pens vs Sens game 2? All they could talk about was Crosby, for 3 hours. Come on now. He's good, but that's a good series. And then of course, he gets the game winner in a comeback win. It smells like it was almost orchestrated by the NHL. I'm looking forward to Game 3 today.

I also can't wait for Game 3 in the SJ/Nashville series. I'll be in the crowd. Radulov is a dirty SOB. That hit was ugly. I am looking forward to McLaren laying out some Predator scum and Tootoo getting his ugly face crushed in by Clowe.

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