Friday, April 13, 2007

Flames Doused in Detroit

The Detroit Red Wings have fired a devastating opening salvo against the Flames. The final tally for shots on goal, 46 for Detroit and a mere 20 for Calgary. With the final score merely 4-1 in favour of the motor city, the flames can say this: Kipper is on fire. Too bad the rest of them are not. Playfair did not set his lines up all that well, and the majority of the flames players looked much like they have all season on the road, disinterested. For a scathing read check here. For their part Detroit looked strong and confident with Datsyuk finally scoring and Zetterberg playing. Hasek was largely untested in the game but a late game collision with Kipper may bring the fire out in the Flames on Sunday. One can hope.

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