Friday, April 20, 2007

Dropping like Flies

Buffalo in 5. It looks like every analyst in the world was right. Too bad that doesn't include me, I didn't think the NYI would win a game.

Ducks in 5. Zzzzz. I have to admit this team is a juggernaut, especially on the backend with Pronger and Neidermayer. They would be a tough 2nd round match up for the Flames if they were fortunate enough.

Rangers sweep. I thought Atlanta would make a much stronger showing. Ouch. Are the Rangers for reals?

Dallas eeks out a game 5 win in OT. One thing Andrew and I can agree on - the Canucks fans are annoying. Louuuuu. You know, I still think Dallas could pull this one out. Hold serve at home and anything can happen in Game 7. Turco truly deserves better; he has redeemed himself this year.

NJ up 3-2 on TB. Since a 7 seed always upsets a 2, I picked TB since I didn't think Wild could handle the Ducks. TB has scored a lot of fluky goals. I doubt they can pull another 2004 SCF.

Watching Sharks/Preds right now. 2-2 in the third. Preds with their 3rd 5 min major/game misconduct of the series. They have to be the dirtiest team in hockey.

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Anonymous said...

What else would have expected? Pronger is the best defenseman in the league, hands down.