Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We're in for a Wild Night

The predictron 2000 is busted and I am not review stats anymore. Every game I look something up for to sound intelligent in my predictions has resulted in a beat down for the Flames.

At any rate, if the Flames of late show up, I predict a slaughter of epic proportion. We've all seen what Marian Gaborik can do. Can he score 11 goals in one game? As well, the Wild's line of Matt Foy, James Sheppard and Todd Fedoruk have been kicking ass and taking names lately. I bet you Keenan floats Goddard, Smith and Yelle against that trio. How does that fit? Like a SIEVE!

Flames roster
news is as follows:
D Adrian Aucoin -- in. GOOD
D Rhett Warrener -- out. GOOD
RW David Moss -- in. GOOD
LW Marcus Nilson -- out. EXPENSIVE
LW Wayne Primeau -- out. EXPENSIVE
LW Eric Nystrom (jaw) -- out. DAMMIT!

I'd like to see Curtis McElhinney start but don't count on it.

Annoyingly the Flames will lose this one. Spectacularly. Like, in the first 14 seconds. Gaborik scores his first of 7 unanswered goals off the face off by manipulating the space time continuum by blasting the puck into a worm hole where it re-enters this dimension on the Flames goal line. Magoo, of course, is officiating and his inane gesticulations knock our starting goaltender, Dion and Regs leaving us with an even worse defensive unit than before. Short shifting remaining muppets and inserting a few forwards into the mix the Wild run a goal scoring train on the poor sap in net. Final score, 12-0 Wild but the silver lining is that Moss proves to be an outstanding defenseman mitigating the potential loss of Dion Phaneuf next season.


The Flames won in a shootout with the interesting combination of Juice, Dion, and Iggy. Juice scored, no surprise there. What was surprising was Dion. He fucking nailed Backstrom with a slapper into the chest. The best part was how he keeled over. I definitely think he was winded when Iggy scored on him.


walkinvisible said...

i'm sure nobody will ever know but if phaneuf was put into the SO to do exactly what he did... ? well, genius i say. fucking genius.

magoo wasn't on the ice but his spirit was definitely guiding the officiating. hella bad. nuff said.

Steal Thunder said...

Much like MG, once I saw Dion was shooting, I knew what was coming...

I also predicted that Rolston would try to counter for the Wild...

These guys aren't known for their hands...