Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Ok, there is so much hockey going on. I am currently watching the Winter Classic and last night, courtesy of my better half, I witnessed the end of the Canuck Curse. Yes folks from 6 rows up I watched Nolan beat Lou. LEGEN-(I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the rest of this sentence contains...) DAIRY! Lou's Vezina contention is under fire after Mark Smith and Owen Nolan scored on him. But I digress, many things to cover . . . .

Recently the Flames faced the Ducks. I have little love for the Ducks but they have a decent roster and should be respected. I figured after Parros scored this games was destined for the dumpster. I mean, Parros isn't renowned for his goal scoring prowess as much as his Super Villain mustache so I can sorta understand why David Hale left him alone but good lord, Parros didn't make into the NHL on his good looks alone. Any dude who has his own website should be respected. Presented with an empty net I think even I could score. Granted the Flames pulled it together and won, decisively. Amen, we might go above .500 at home at some point this season.

The Canuck Curse.
Since the start of the season the Vancouver Canucks have had the Flames number. The Sedins have possessed some 'instant panty dissolver' when it comes to Kipper given the ease with which they undress him in their efforts to score. (how many cliches can I fit in one sentence?) All the while, we Flames fans have been eager for the end of the Sedin Sister (assisted by the Manitoba Moose) molestation . As luck would have it, New Years Eve provided some much needed respite in the curse department: CGY defeated VAN, the Flames won at home, the Flames won with me and my wife in attendance, the flames won while I was wearing my jersey. Hockey Girl has provided many thoughts on curses and rituals. Perhaps good things are in store for the Flames in the new year?

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