Friday, January 4, 2008

No, it's like this: 11-1-4 in the last 16

Lately, the Flames have collectively pulled it together. A big part of this has been the resurgence of the Juice and the continual monstrous play of Iggy. Recently dubbed, 'Karome Higgelius' this pair molested King Henrik, and took advantage of Nabby. Not too shabby at all.

At times I wrestle with the vulgarity of my content. Typically I tend to swear like a sailor. Expletives spice up the old vernacular. However, I accept that it can be offensive at times and I apologize. In advance. I just want to say this: I'M RIGHT AGAIN MOTHERFUCKERS! You may want to highlight that gap.

Why am I so excited? Well, I predicted the rangers win. I figured the sharks would drag us into overtime but more importantly some key players have returned to their winning ways. (Yeah, I didn't post it but as Roenick would say, kiss my ass -KIDDING) Namely, the Juice and, to a certain extent, Conroy. Huselius is making a very strong case that he wants to stay in Calgary when his contract expires. Given the way he and Iggy ran a train on poor Henrik, we can conclusively say the dude has regular season skills despite being streaky. Come playoffs he suffers 'Loch Ness Monster' syndrome and you hear about him constantly but never really see him on the ice. I think this could be his year provided the Flames make the playoffs.

Oh the consternation, what's a GM to do when you have a good chunk of your roster heading into UFA/RFA territory? The gang have been discussing and speculating (MG has some lucid thoughts
while WI has a different perspective). I'm still not sure of my stance as yet. You see, I rely on a completely different style of analysis, I use the force. Right now, as Yoda would say, difficult to predict, the future is. I do, however, sense a disturbance in the force at the thought of losing the Juice or Phaneuf. (Man, we are so gonna get K-Lowned* or Burke'd** by some outrageous offer sheet at the end of the season).

Other things I would like to share: Iggy should be the league MVP. Stop thinking that it will be R.Loungo. Goalies backtsop a team but rarely can they provide leadership, the most integral part of being an MVP. This is why we have a special award for the best goalie. I get offended that goalies are eligible for MVP status. Lou is saving Van from having a stank-tackular season but he can't win the games for them. Sadly, in the Bettman scripted NHL, the MVP will likely be a guy who's name rhymes with 'Cindy Frosby'.

* K-Lowend (pro kay-loaned): The act of using the CBA and offer sheets in a hostile manner to acquire players of dubious skill for outrageous money from a team that beat you in a recent Stanley Cup final.

** Burke'd not to be confused with the popular chess defense strategy, this tactic requires you to release a player in light of a cap busting offer sheet to a team with minimal talent but whine about it in as many press conferences as possible. The usage of hyperbole and strongly worded statements to incite a team rivalry is also key.


MetroGnome said...

Come playoffs he suffers 'Loch Ness Monster' syndrome and you hear about him constantly but never really see him on the ice.

Not true. Juice had 6 points in 7 games during the Ducks/Flames first round series 2 years ago. He was a cross-bar away from winning the series for Calgary in game 6.

It IS true he was invisible last year versus Detroit...but, besides Kipper, who wasn't?

Rob said...

Ah MG, how right you are. I must be less brazen in my criticism. I'm the worst, I want these guys getting hat tricks every game. In fact, I have to even be nice to Eriksson, his outlet passes have been phenomenal of late. . .

walkinvisible said...

1. i prefer WOOselius

2. re: loch ness monster ---unfortunately, juice's style of play makes him a very easy guy to shut down (which the wings found last year in the playoffs, and the sharks attempted two nights ago on calgary's second goal). no room to move means no fancy play.

3. i heard phaneuf is holding out for 10mil, which he could feasibly get on an offer sheet but sutter would never pay out. so, to me, the big question is: do we want a bunch of first rounders, or would we rather pick and choose the players we get in return ??