Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Top 10 List for 2007 (and day 1 of 2008)

It's that time of year, everyone and their dog posts a top 10 list of something. Typically, I like to post my top ten list of other people's top 10 lists the ever ironic TOP 10 of the TOP 10s but this year I am straying from tradition. Instead of mocking the evil horde of lemmings I find myself joining them. Color me aghast. Lest I leave you in anticipation, please read on.

10. Sidney Crosby did not make my top 10 list. Don't get me wrong, he's got star power but the fact that the NHL is all Sid all the time upsets me. There are many worthy players in the NHL that deserve more exposure.

9. Todd Fedoruk excelled at hitting his face against other players fists. All kidding aside, I do hope Todd is OK but I think he should lay off on the brawling, it doesn't appear to be working for him.

8. The use of eyeblack at the Winter Classic. It's not football but I appreciate the effort. To be honest, I challenge any footballer to lace up some skates and play some hockey. Better take your vitamin H bitches, vitamin HARDCORE!

7. Scott Niedermayer's return to the Ducks. Only to be derailed by the CBA! Who knew, Scott is not a CBA scholar!

6. Calgary Blogosphere Meetup. This was kickass because there are other people that blog about hockey and most of them are a million times better than me. Check my side bar for links, spread the love.

5. Bob McKenzie. What can be said about this man that hasn't already been said? Said by himself at that. The Glenn Beck of the sporting world Bob likes to blast us with cliches, hyperbole, and topical information. Dude is loud too, try listening to his podcast. What John Madden is to football, BobbyMack is to hockey. Move over Drew Remenda, I have a new sports pundit to hate on.

4. The night Iron Mike Keenan's random line generator broke and Dion Phaneuf ended up on the right wing. Anyone who's been paying attention to the Flames has noticed two curious things about Iron Mike. First, he chews ice chips as though they were the minced pieces of ex-nhler's who's souls he's crushed in the past. Secondly, he likes to change up the lines. A great deal. I am convinced that Keenan believes changing the lines is like entering the numbers into that computer on LOST; if he doesn't do it the world will end in a fuzzy purple explosion. Frankly, it's annoying and I think MetroGnome should open a betting house just on what madness Keenan will unleash with his line choices.

3. Patrick Kane and Jonathon Toews. Like Batman and Robin, this dynamic duo is all about kicking ass and taking names. Personally, I call them Sam and Max and they are directly responsible for the resurgence of the Chicago Blackhawks.

2. Eric Nystrom. At this point in the season he's my favourite Flame. Don't get me wrong, I dig all the gang but you have to show love to guys like Nystrom. He's plays hard, he's feisty, he fights, he's solid at all ends of the rink. He reminds me of Yelle. Earlier in the week I coined him Sandbox II but perhaps this needs to be reconsidered, Sandbox Jr, El Sandbox, or perhaps Sandcastle. (I'm personally digging Sandbox Jr.) Nystrom will proudly continue the Stephan Yelle tradition of being a gritty and determined hockey player.

1. The New Years Eve Hockey game. My better half secured tickets of an epic nature. I have never almost been hit by a puck before. Trust me it's a life altering experience. After shaking off the panic of nearly being killed there's a mad scramble to claim that piece of rubber. Of course my wife made absurdly good company but the rest of that section needs to liven up. Personally, I believe the nosebleeds crowd should move down to ice level and rock the fuck out.

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walkinvisible said...

dude, the blog drought is over and you are back with avengeance !!!!!!! i, too, attended the new year's tilt and (from what i can remember), it was awesome. i was runnin' the iggy holler, and for the first time EVER, people were OI OI OIing my IGGY IGGY IGGYs.

yeah. your wife's pretty cool, i guess.... ;)