Friday, January 11, 2008

NYI vs Flames: Predict-o-tron 2000 says: Flames Win

Dipietro is a fire extinguisher. A bold .933 save average against the Flames in their one visit. Granted these are two different teams but Ricky is a formidable foe between the pipes and if the goal dispensing machine runs out of Iggy Juice the flames are basically screwed.

So what to expect tonight:
If the Flames big lines got Keenan's 'message' from the Coyotes rout, expect a skating determined effort in the first. Of course, there will be several golden opportunities that pass us by as Conroy and Nolan can't convert. I do feel that this evening could be Nystrom's night. I hope I am right, that guy deserves something. Kipper will be in fine form as well, so the energy will be good with end to end play but we will be scoreless headed into the third.

Then, in the third, things will go sideways. Rhett Warrener will bobble the puck a la Hall Gill in Anaheim springing Comrie to a breakaway against Miikka. Kipper will make the initial save but the rebound will end up on the stick of Guerin and end up in the net, thanks for nothing Hale. The Flames will rally in the final minute to tie it courtesy of Nystrom, Boyd, and Regs (in some fashion).

Of course, it will go to a shootout where the Flames will . . . .WIN courtesy of Kipper and Lombardi. 2-1 SO victory for the Boys in Red.

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