Monday, January 14, 2008

Battle of Alberta: Game Review

If you were an Oilers fan, last evening would have caused riotous celebration. Keep it real Oil Country, you're not winning the Stanley Cup. Were you a Flames fan, likely your nose is still ringing from the odoriferous stench of their efforts. Stankfest 08.

I won't jump into the strenuous numerical analysis. The man with the plan will handle that. Leanne and Dave will certainly find the silver lining. Me, I'm surly.

Hemsky. That goal was gorgeous. Much to my chagrin. The ease with which he undressed Regs and molested Kipper should earn him a place on every sex-offender list in Canada. I mean every dangerous Sex offender list! (I intend this as a weird compliment) At any rate, the number one defensive strategy to be used against Hemsky? Do not piss him off or get him emotionally involved in the game. When you leave him alone he doesn't embarrass you. As much.

Cogs. Poor kid. I want him to score again. He's got skills!

Kipper. Someone send that guy a holiday. I think a decent backup is now mission number 1 or 2 for Sutter. Yes we need some secondary offense but we cannot expect 5 years of 03/04 Kipper. It's inhuman. He's tired, beat and could use a break I bet. Maybe the Cujo rumors are a good thing.

MacT. Keep hamming it up in the post game interviews funny guy.


walkinvisible said...

I mean every dangerous Sex offender list! (I intend this as a weird compliment)

of course you do.... dangerous sex offenders are cool. and i bet nobody ever called hemsky cool before.... ;)

nary a word on dion being the next backup, hunh ?

Rob said...

Maybe . . .