Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Flames vs Coyotes Pregame.

Ok people. I did the unthinkable today. In forming my game prediction I looked up a statistic. Don't worry, I'm ok. The stat in question was Bryzgalov's performance against the Flames. Poor guy is 0-3. This actually came as a shock to me because in my mind I thought he was a fire extinguisher in the style of Turco when it came to the Flames. Apparently not.

At any rate. While blasphemous, I predict we will not win this game. The Coyotes are hot and will show poise and discipline when it comes to shutting down the Flames top line. The only line that really scores. It's been mentioned by the crew that we're somewhat top heavy and have virtually no secondary scoring. Coupled with the simple fact that Kipper stole a game recently and the rest of the wins have been courtesy of a Karome Higgelius pair that is bound to have an off night. You can't be that good all the time.

Course, I hope I'm wrong and the Flames continue to dominate. GO FLAMES.

*In Game Update*

It's 2-0 Coyotes. The thing I feared most has come true, on the Flames PP the coyotes were successful at keep Juice isolated on the boards unable to dangle. BAM! It's now 3-0 Coyotes. The Flames could come back but at this point the momentum is gone.