Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Weekend Round Up.

I have recovered from the weekend and would like to chime in with some thoughts about the Flames performance.


The first period was solid. The second period stank. The third period was solid. OT was . . . ugh, a victim of a stupid penalty and a bad bounce? Regs had that puck saved until Sedin pushed him and Kipper in the net. A goal is a goal. Victims of a bad bounce again though? The Flames are fast running out of excuses.

Lanks is kicking ass and taking names, hopefully the rest of the team starts too.

Oddly, I want to give the Oilers an honourable mention here. I'm no fan of the Oil, but hot damn boys, keep it up.

The Sens continue their tear in the east. The Analysts are loving the fact that Alfie has a goal in each game he's played. That would be less than 5 games guys, so keep your pants on. Nonetheless, the Sens are showing cold domination backstopped by Gerber. Will Emery be out of a job?

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Johnny Canucklehead said...

Saturday's result put a smile on my face, although I wish I could've been there in person to risk my life annoying the red-wearing, crack-beer drinking Flamers with my my witty and erudite backing of the Vancouver club.

What doesn't make me smile is trying to figure out Markus Naslund - who bears little resemblance these days to the Markus Naslund who is the team's all-time leader in goals. I hate to say "mailing it in" but I'm gonna. Mailing it in. I seek some solace in the fact that he is a free agent after this year - if he can't get fired up in a contract year..... the latest news out of Vansterdam is that Naslund and Morrison (also a free agent after this season) will be back on a line together for tonight's game against the Flyers. Couldn't hurt. If they can start getting a goal out of the the second line more than every 3-4 games maybe one of the Sedin's will crack a smile.