Monday, October 1, 2007

Flames Pre Season Thoughts

After hearing about the pre season flames I felt some research needed to be done in person. Accompanied by my better half, we settled in to observe this years edition of the Calgary Flames take on the Vancouver Canucks. Things of note:

  1. Flames Defense is a bit weak at this point. All the goals scored were a result of defensive idiocy including Dion letting some dude get a step on him.
  2. Offensively the Flames dominated much of the game, 42 Shots on Goal, lots of time in the Canucks zone, Sanford was pelted with shots.
  3. Fights! Iggy vs Kessler was a beat down for sure. But Peters got tuned but his canuck opponent (as shown above). But wait! Two fights in the pre season?
  4. The Juice is loose and making moves left and right. Sadly, Christian got flattened a few times because he made one move too many.
  5. Dion redeemed himself later in the game but not accepting the bait to get into a brawl. I respect that because it resulted in a Flames power play.
  6. The Stripes were unreal during the game. I think they cloned Magoo.
  7. The Nucks may have a solid backup goalie in Sanford.
All in all, a decent game. The Nucks look ready to bring the noise for this season and I think the Flames are, hopefully, just tuning the engine. Let us hope.

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