Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Flames Fizzle at Home Against the Sharks.

I am using this picture to distract you, loyal GSN readers, from the stench of last evenings Flames game. The ghosts of 06-07 returned.

Granted I didn't tune in until period two as I was at spin class (all GSN writers are required to pass a grueling conditioning test) but let's review the Sharks Flames stankfest.

The NHL, executing it's new policy of reviewing every Goddard goal, disallowed the first Flames tally of the evening. It ain't a Flames game unless one Flames goal is disallowed. To be honest, I've seen dirtier goals scored by the Leafs be allowed but whatever. Secondly, Tangs makes an absolutely BRILLIANT play that results in a short handed goal. At least he admitted it. Kipper got pulled and
McElhinney convincingly proved he's not ready for primetime. . . yet. Lanks did snap Nabby's shutout. That was nice. Lanks is going to have a great year. A morale boost was JR getting creamed by Regs. As per usual, he upped his douche bag quotient with this memorable sound bite:

"When something like that where a player is injured and you come off the ice and people boo, that's bush league to me," Roenick said. "It's pretty disrespectful to boo them and I just wanted to acknowledge to them that I'm still here and I'm still playing."

Hey Roenick, I have this to say to you: fuck off and die. You lack any relevance in the NHL so do us a favour and retire. You call that playing? I bet you don't get your 500th goal before next season you wanker. I will boo for 3 people when they get up: Roenick, Ribeiro, and Tootoo.

Dave's thoughts take the cake with "Holy Mackinaw". I don't know what a mackinaw is but I think that's a memorable quote. WI has, as ever, chimed in with some solid analysis on Kipper, Dion, and Tangs. As well, bonus points are awarded for spelling guarantee correctly. Something we couldn't manage here.


Johnny Canucklehead said...

Ah, JR. No one know their bush-league antics like Mr Roenick.

While I have certainly been accused on occasion of lacking a certain filter to temper some of my comments, I pretty sure that JR has the opposite. Some sort of amplifying device for his douche-baggery.

Let's review:
-tells fans to "kiss my ass" during lockout
-whines like a baby at being left off the 2006 US Olympic team (maybe it was the 20 goals total you've scored in the past two seasons??)
-claimed to be suffering from a concussion in order to extract injury pay during the lockout, despite the Flyers' doctors having cleared him to play
-allegedly was a member of Janet Gretzky & Rick Tocchet's gambling ring
-and worst of all, was born in Boston, home of the most obnoxious people on the planet (I'm kinda surprised he hasn't used this as an excuse - "I can't help it, I'm from Bah-Stun"

Johnny Canucklehead said...

yikes. Me spellt xtra good in that post. Good thing I'm not a teacher or something. Wait a minute....

walkinvisible said...

not to say roenick didn't deserve to be booed, but i totally thought the booing was more towards the refs for illegally blowing dead a jarome iginla breakaway...

Rob said...

Killer link WI. MetroGnome is on top of it as usual. I would contend that JR had no idea what people were booing, that guy lives in his own world . . .

shaun said...

i actually thought kipper was more to blame for that short-handed goal than tanguay. i mean, tanguay is no defensive wizard, but it looked like the puck bounced over his stick. phaneuf hustled back to try and tie up michalek, but kipper basically laid the rebound out for an easy goal. i mean, what's the point o even having a goalie if he can't stop a 1-1 where the shooter has the defender draped on him?
in any event, that shortie for the sharks seemed to kill any chance the flames had of getting back into the game.