Sunday, October 21, 2007


- the oilers have a better chance scoring 5 on 5 than on the powerplay. i would really like to say the flames pk is just that good, but it's the oil sucking more than anything else.
- we really need moreau back
- torres said f u to moss and then knocked that pansy out for at least one game. at least torres is back in form.
- nice to see cogs and gagner second and fourth in rookie scoring. though it's a little concerning when they're also the leading scorers on the team.
- i apologize to the girl behind me who got soaked in beer. that cup was aimed for my head but most of it flew behind me. and boy, did i ever deserve it.
- the new jerseys really aren't that waterproof. beer definitely soaks through, i tested it.

i love messing with flames fans, cause most of the time you can just yell flames suck and for some reason they can't comeback with anything. for example:
a: "oilers!"
b: "dude you just lost 4-1"
a: "flames suck!"
b: "shit"

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Rob said...

Notes on a SCANDAL!

Well done andrew, I'm glad to see you're alive.