Thursday, October 11, 2007

Disagree with what I say? Then I shall climb into the crowd and pummel you with a loafer, just like that poor shmuck at MSG.

Perhaps its nothing more than the "throw enough shite at the wall and something will stick" effect, but one of the talking heads on TSN finally said something intelligent that I would agree with. Rest assured that the apocalypse is not nigh as it was not Glenn Healy. Healy is to intelligent hockey talk as I am to an open bar - a disaster waiting to happen. Plus the longer we stay the more likely complete nonsense and gibberish will emerge from our yaps. At least I have the excuse of alcohol. Although come to think of it if Heals was drinking before the cameras rolled it would explain a lot - plus tell me you couldn't see him hiding a flask under those lumpy suits he wears.

So no praise for the Heal-ster today. This time we celebrate the wit of Mike Milbury. And what did every one's second-favorite Bruins coach of all-time have to say? Well as the panel was singling out which coach should walk the plank first this season he was the only one with the balls to mention the Winnipeg Phoenix coach. You know, Wayne something-or-other. Wayne is probably the greatest ambassador the game could have and could be used in so many brilliant ways to grow and market the game. As he is still probably the only player that many of our chucklehead neighbors to the south could hope to identify. If Gary Midget-man is serious about continuing to grow and marketing the game south of the border (and granted that is a pretty big if) he needs to take advantage of big guns like 99. And besides as a coach -- well he continues to be a great ambassador. I think I'll have more success coaching my laundry to fold itself then he will having Phoenix winning a playoff series anytime soon. Although perhaps I've totally misread the situation and Wayner is just trying his best to continue the Winnipeg Jets playoff traditions?

So to borrow a tradition from Legally Blonde, snaps for Mike Milbury. Today he speaketh the truth.

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