Friday, October 26, 2007

Potential Live Blog of the Flames-Avs Game!

Avs 3 Flames 2
OT - I hate you Ryan Smyth!
3.4:00 ugh, PK crapped out and we're tied.
3.9:00 Good to see moss back causing trouble, back to the PP
3.11:00 5 on 3! Yup, we have a Flames game, the big M disallows a goal with a real quick whistle . .
3.12:00 Get in the sin bin Clark, stop molesting Kipper. PP for the Flames.
3.14:00 Magoo is still a wank but the boys are on the PK . . .
3.16:00 I still need more Yeile! Happy Birthday Mikka!
3.18:00 Ouch, Tangs crashes awkwardly into the boards

Period 2 Summary:
Nothing Exciting other than we're winning.

2.2:00 The Flames are circling the net with authority . . . good things may happen.
2.4:00 PP was a bit weak on the part of the Flames. Smyth and Dion still beaking at each other
2.6:00 YeeHaw, Flames PP for 43 seconds! oh wait! 5 on 3, go get em boys
2.8:00 Lame assed Avalanche dive, way to go magoo.
2.10:00 Who is this team? the Flames look moderately stylish here.
2.12:00 Tangs and Iggy are getting some excellent chances . . . 22 SOG for the Flames, 10 for the Avs
2.14:30 Decent Flames PK, tho there was a sketchy moment when the avs turned Kipper inside out.
2.16:00 Flames Pemalty, awesomeness. Dion vs Smyth? (I'll take Phaneuf any day. This is not so good, the Flames get wacky on the PK
2.17:00 I need more Stephane Yelle!
2.18:30 HA, Lombardi, Hot Wheels scores again!

Period 1 Summary:
Despite the early goal at the hands of the Mr. Sakic the Flames clearly stuck their game plan and applied a steady consistent offensive pressure. Sakic was not allowed to roll freely after his goal and Lombardi is made some solid D plays to support the Kipper who looks sharper. The result of the solid effort was Tangs rolling into a sweet lead pass and blasting a shot past Theodore.

-- General Comment: is Dion ever not on the ice?
1.3:28 Decent Flames Pressure.
1.4:48 TANGS! I LOVE IT WHEN YOU SHOOT! Flames Goal, scored by #40 Alex Tanguay!
1.6:00 Is George Bush commentating? 'Stay the Course Calgary, Stay the Course!'
1.7:00 Decent Flames offensive pressure. I bet Goddard gets the first goal.
1.9:10 Aucoin hits the post, if the color commentators don't STFU I think I will scream.
1.10:00 Ok, this is a strangely unemotional game, not seeing much in the way of anything here. Smyth drilled Aucoin but that's it. Clearly the flames are thinking about what bar they are going to tonite.
1.12:30 Stupid Joe Sakic scores. Man, Flames D, please wake up.
1.14:40 Flurry of activity in front of theodore, Aucoin and the Juice looking good. Kipper makes a nice save on some Av fool.
1.16:07 Alright, I'm in and settled. Not much happening at this point. Theo is in net for the Avs so that means we should be scoring plenty.


Gale Force 12 said...

Time to take revenge for that comeback from 4-0. And after the Minny game, we're in fine form to do it! Let's hope Crybaby Smyth doesn't get like 13 shots this time.

Gale Force 12 said...

GOD !@(#*&!@(*#& DAMNIT.

I went to the Apple store to buy the BounteaHuntewr an iPhone. If you knew him you would know how painful that is. It's Leopard release date, so it's a freaking zoo in there. I play with Leopard for a while, safe in the knowledge my MythTV box is recording the game. I checked at work before I left.

I get home, and my Myth box has been recording the WRONG @!(#*& channel. I switch to the Flames, 6 min let in the 3rd, we're up 2-1. From the sounds of it, we owned the game.

Tanguay takes a stupid penalty, Flames start scrambling, they tie it. Almost win it outright.

Goes to OT and Crybaby seals the deal in a game where the Flames owned the play. My Friday night entertainment was stolen from me for Bountea, as was the sweet victory we deserved.

Now I'm enraged.

shaun said...

you could see flames weren't gonna win this one, despite having more shots on net.

1. a player on the cusp of a milestone to achieve? play against kipper - he'll ensure you get your 500th goal, or 1600th point, or whatever. i love kipper, but he does seem to have a knack for facilitating others' record-breaking.

2. mcgeough is a clown. on tv i heard him blow the whistle, but lord knows why he blew it. called back goals happen though. what i don't understand is how svatos got away with an obvious trip on regehr to score the winning goal. that is inexcusable in my opinion.

3. flames were playing a pretty good game, but you could see they were missing that spark. they just couldn't put the goals home like they should have.

all in all, these things happen. lots of positives to take away and build on. i think it's indisputable the flames have been the better team of the two, which makes it all the more worrisome that we've given the avs 4 points, when they should have had none.

walkinvisible said...

sorta glad i opted to get my drink on at the pub than watch this tilt. i quite enjoyed the reaction of an old (UK-born) flames fan when they lost in OT: he threw a hissy fit right there at the ship and anchor. (imagine it with an english accent) "YOU BUNCH OF BLOODY WANKAS !!!" he yelled as he turned from the telly in disgust...

i laughed. partly because it was such a violent reaction, and partly because i have ryan smyth in my pool.... ;)

Rob said...

Man, live blogging by me is lame. It's pretty tricky to sort out what is important during a 2 minute interval. I don't think I will subject you guys to this again.

MetroGnome said...

Man, live blogging by me is lame. It's pretty tricky to sort out what is important during a 2 minute interval. I don't think I will subject you guys to this again.

I didn't think it was too bad.

Plus, as they say, practice makes perfect.

Anonymous said...

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