Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This Week In Guerilla Tactics: Avs Best Offence is Flames Defence

I have borrowed this picture from TSN and the fine crew at Getty Images. Get used to, I will do this alot.

Ok. Let's talk tactics. The Flames get up 4-0 in the first period and look to be steaming to a stellar road trip result. Enter the Av's Ryan Smyth aka Captain Garbage Goal. Now, that being said a goal is a goal is a goal but Smyth makes even the most formidable defense look like trunk monkeys. As evidenced by last night. Ryan orchestrated Regs, Aucoin, and Erikson scoring on Kipper and that is no trivial feat. Period 1 was stellar. Period 2 was a collective train wreck. Dave has yet to comment but watch OpenIceHits for his thoughts.

What was good:
  • Dion Phaneuf's wicked goal
  • Iggy getting three points
  • Kipper making some decent saves
What Stank:
  • The exploitation of our Defense by Smyth
  • Theodore getting between the pipes to steal the win from Budaj
So basically the Flames need to remember the killer instinct. When you're opponent is down, simply step in their neck until the 60 minutes is up. Constant, relentless, and unyielding pressure. Strangely, despite blowing a 4 goal lead I am optimistic about the season.


Johnny Canucklehead said...

Yes, i am also optimistic about the flames season. Optimistic that the early signs of futility will develop into a team-wide quest to get Mike Keenan fired. Or to finish in last place. Or both. Or any other scenario that will find them trying to catch up to the Canucks all season.

shaun said...

johnny canucklehead should lay off the orca-sperm moisturizer. it's causing him to type all kinds of stupidity.

i too am optimistic. 3 of the those avs goals were strange bounces that were simply unlucky. that's not to say calgary can't improve. they need a stronger work ethic, but we're finally seeing signs of it (on the road no less). 5/8 points on a pretty tough road trip is nothing to sneeze at. it could have been 6/8 (we were the better team for most of that game last night) but chance (or fate?) intervened.

i feel good about the upcoming 7 game homestand.

Rob said...

I don't know Johnny, the Cancuks had a star player working hard in practice . . . a CHAIR!

Johnny Canucklehead said...

oh yes, the chair I've been trying to get the scouting report on that chair...