Friday, October 5, 2007

How about them Flyers?

Behold the offensive juggernaut that is Daymond Lankow. With his trusty side kick Dion they kept the Flames in the game last night. Not a thrilling game to watch, but it did have some redeeming moments. Goddard getting his fight on (not on yet). Lanks scoring some goals. But I hate to say it, Briere stole the fire (wow is Buffalo going to regret losing him).

I don't have anything to negative to say about the Flames aside from the usual. Play the whole 60 minutes, stay out of the box and don't sell out Kipper. It wasn't a brutal loss, but I would like to see things tightened up a wee bit. Of course, Iron Mike is on the case. Saturday will be better.

The Sens and Leafs.
Well, some GSN readers have taken exception to my Leaf Nation - Fascism comparison (as evidenced by my near involvement in a brawl last evening). I humbly apologize. However, perhaps you could all dial down the douchebaggery? A little bit . . just for me . . please? My despise for the Leafs aside they played last night and here's my take.

At the start of the season, teams facing the Sens have two choices:
1) Lie down and play dead
2) Have every weakness in your team exposed, exploited, and included in the highlights of the week on tsn.

This year, the Leafs have, arguably, their most complete roster ever. Solid goal tending. Decent offense. However, either they are lacking a strong defensive core or the Sens are just that good? We will know after the weekend.

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