Wednesday, October 3, 2007

7.5 Million Dollar Man

While walking home from work today it was snowing. Nothing could dim the fire in my heart. Hockey is BACK!

Four games for opening night, it must be Christmas. The Leafs started the season in typical fashion by losing. I am pleased with this development because saying you like the Leafs is like saying, "hey, I like fascism". Between Heatly's two goals and Redden fighting everyone on the ice the Sens won it in OT. Take that Leaf nation.

Detroit won against the Ducks in a shootout. Somehow the Dominator stoned all the Ducks in said shootout. Since all the GMs have picked Detroit to win the cup I guess a SO victory is a decent start.

The Habs won against the 'Canes. This is a good start for Guy's crew as they have a season of heavy expectations bearing down on them. Carolina. . . well it's the Hurricanes. I never know what to expect from those fools.

The avs and stars are playing. I can describe that game in one word: lame.

In other news, the Heater signed a kabillion dollar deal with the Sens. It's a good deal for Ottawa especially if they can lock up Spezza. Flames are rolling tomorrow. The GSN will be there.

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