Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yet another must win game.

Flames and Canucks meet up tonite. I could use the usual cliches, spirited affair, big game, must win situation, playoff hockey, etc, but we all know the score. The Flames need to win, scrappy underdog styles.

In a vein similar to the topic of underdogs, the Juice is manning the pressbox this evening and young gun Boyd is in. Interesting times in the Flames dressing room. At any rate, this will likely spur Christian into a goal-a-thon in the near future.

We can hope that Lou's wife has her baby before game time, which would be a great thing for all parties involved. I feel the flames owe the oilers a win tonite so we dispatched a highly trained operative (see above) to tilt the game in our favour. Trapper, the GSN hound, just returned from a secret mission at the Dome. He may, or may not have, chewed on the sedin's sticks at a critical stress point, taken a dump in Loungo's lid, shed all over Raymond's sweater and given that grin on his face he definitely peed in the gloves of Burrows and Mitchell. There are also uncomfirmed rumors that Vigneault's tie was chewed to bits. Take that Vancouver.

Go Flames.


walkinvisible said...

harvey should take notes.

Anonymous said...

I was worried about the Juice benching. Now that I see the Trapper has been deployed, I feel strangely reassured.


Anonymous said...

looks like the Trapper didn't get to the 'Dome 'til the first intermission! he he...


Anonymous said...

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