Tuesday, March 25, 2008

St. Patrick

Unless you inhabit the dark side of a boulder you've likely heard about a recent controversy involving Roy Jr. Course, you could get up to speed here, here, here, here(youtube) or here but the short version is, Mini Roy lost his shit and beat down the opposing goalie. Gee, that's never been done b-e-f-ore.

One thing George Lucas has taught us, besides the simple fact that some things should be left alone, is that sons tend to carry similar traits to their fathers. Now whether this is a result of learned behaviour or something completely and randomly emergent I leave it to you, the savvy and loyal GSN reader.

The backlash that has resulted from a good old hockey brawl is amazing. Last time there was national coverage of such an event it involved adolescents. I suppose the debate about fighting in hockey is being rekindled but I say this, leave it alone. These things have a habit of taking care of themselves.
As for the obscene gesture to the crowd? Well let's be honest, the French Canadian culture is extremely passionate about a few things. Historically speaking, this isn't the first time obscenities have been hurled at large crowds. Trudeau was pretty awesome at it. The Man-from- Shawinigan succumbed to his urge to choke a bitch. Basically, don't mention politics or insult hockey in their presence because you'll have a fight on your hands. I think we need to know if Bobby Nadeau made fun of Roy Jr's political affiliations. Clearly it had nothing to do the with score, which was like 100-0 or something. In the heat of the moment I would have flipped off the crowd too.

This circus is merely a mountain out of a molehill. Get back to playing people.

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