Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Year of the Paper Tiger

Coming up with something witty to say has been challenging. The very hard reality of this season, to be postmortem-ed soon, bears a remarkable resemblance to the much feared yet oft slain paper tiger.

This evening marks the final edition of this seasons battle of Alberta. It is a battle that has spilled onto the streets although this guy kinda looks like a douchebag (I am kidding, but did it really take 4 dudes to beat him down? that seems excessive to me). The theme of tonight's tilts is Old vs New. The Flames represent the Old and the Oilers full of fresh faced rookies represent the New. For both teams the result of this game could hold the key to the post season. Calling this game a must win does not accurately convey the gravity of the situation, the walk from the locker room to the ice is equivalent to the march to the gallows. By the end of the night, the trap door will be sprung choking the life out of one teams playoff hopes.

Help us David Hale, you're our only hope . . .

PS Regs, no screwing around tonite.
PPPS Preems, FOCUS you too can score a goal
PPPPS No Micky Reffing tonite, perhaps tripping, goalie crashing and being a shithead are legit penalties again. WOO HOO


MetroGnome said...

I hope Hale can use the force...from the press box.

Rob said...

;-) that's what I am going for . . . we know he can't score.

Dave said...

Re: The guy that was beat down -- somehow I think a 22 year old that's managed to be beaten down a total of three times in just 2 years has a habit of asking for it.

Not saying he did, just that judging by what he looks like (you're right, he DOES look like a douche!) and his self-admitted history of being beat on, I'm pretty sure he said something remarkably stupid.

His dig at Calgary even after he got his ass wailed is another big indicator.

I'm an evil person, but I smiled reading that article.

MetroGnome said...

I came to the same conclusion re: that beat down story. I walked through downtown Toronto after a Flames game with my jersey on last year without any real problems. In addition, I've lived in Calgary my whole life and never been beaten up by punks or vagrants. Sounds like this guy looks for trouble (or is INCREDIBLY unlucky).

Dave said...

Yeah, no kidding. My brother and I walked around in downtown Detroit and in Joe Louis in our Flames jersey with nothing but polite comments.

Same deal in Buffalo.