Monday, March 10, 2008

Flames vs Blues

Ok. I've been respectful of the apparent game-day posting curse. But after hardcore analysis I have concluded the following: it is the Flames fault, not mine.

This very evening a blue St Louis Blues squad rolls into the dome. Despite the playoff dream being snuffed, the Blues tend to bring it. In the Blues favour is Calgary's inability to suit up and and play for the first 20 minutes. Equally useful to the STL crew is Dion Phaneuf, the new crowned prince of riding pine in the sin bin. 7 minor penalties in his last 2 games alone! I would offer that he is sad at the loss of his beloved SUV but for fuck's sake Dion, pull it together.

So, here's the skinny kids:
The Flames will lose this evening to a chorus of full throated boos cast down from the rafters. STL is going to beat them as bad as Keenan wants physically beat them in practice. And you know Iron Mike wants to lay the hurt on these goofs. If I hear one more BS quote from the team about having to play better I will personally drop the gloves at center ice with each and every one of them. Shhhhhh Lanks, less chit chat and more action. Stempy is having a rough season but will make up for it this evening with 9 goals (this is a conservative estimate). Boyes will do ok with 2. In the first period Kipper will face 30 shots and go on strike forcing Cujo to saddle up between the pipes. In the third Cujo will be replaced with a carboard cutout of Worf in the hope its intimidation factor prevents a goal or 3. Note how any comments on the Flames D are strangely absent, much like the ES Flame defense of late. Oh wait, direct all comments regarding Flames ES D to the penalty box where Dion has set up shop. Offensively the Flames can rely on the offensive juggernaut that is Craig Conroy, he's like Jeff Cowan people, the most underrated dude since Fitzpatrick. He's good for a cross bar, the side of the net and one goal.

STL 11 Flames 1


*The fine print is as follows. If I predict a rout at the hands of a second rate team the Flames seem to excel and win by a comfortable margin. Ergo, we are testing this theory tonite. The Flames desperately need the points.


walkinvisible said...

remember last year when iggy went out with injury and byron ritchie stepped up and scored a million goals ? craig conroy is ripping pages from that book (what he does wtih said pages is truly none of your concern)....

11-1 sounds about right. an overconfident, yet mediocre, flames group will look like shite again in the first (whether or not they talk about it). watch for lombardi to almost score about 6....

walkinvisible said...

well well well.

looks like you will be predicting horrible flames outcomes and massive opponent victories well into the finals....