Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Let's not forget Canada's Team

[Thank goodness for the edit function]

I don't ask much. A cold beer after a hard days work. My Pizza delivered warm. Clean sheets once a week. And of course, the Canucks in the playoffs. Now that the Oilers are officially done, we are left with a few different scenarios. The most likely is that the Flames are in and that the last Western spot will come down to Nashville or The Swedish Bikini Team. Ok, that's the most likely scenario when you read the NHL standings whilst drunk off your ass. Apparently I was slightly off here. Whoopsies. I'm probably what jinxed them into losing tonight. Dammit all!

Now, fellow Canadians I ask of you --- do we really want Nashville - Nashville!!! the playoffs?!?! Jason Arnott has had his chance at playoff glory and it is not quite Dan Ellis' time yet. So I dare say as Canadians we owe it to the Canucks to cheer for them as they make their final playoff push. And don't worry Flames fans I won't tell anyone that you'll be cheering for Vancouver's finest this coming Saturday. Guess it doesn't matter now. Maybe next year we can get that offense back on track. Guess now I will have to figure out which teams playoff bandwagon to join..


Dave said...

Nothing would make me happier than to see Vancouver join Edmonton golfing.

walkinvisible said...

think about it. the top 5 reasons why it's awesome nashville made it and vancouver didn't:

1. my old roommate's cousin is rich peverly
2. vyable playoff roadtrip where you could actually get tickets to a game
3. the sommet centre was once called the gaylord centre.
4. my friend amy lives there and is a HUGE preds fan, and she's rad (so good things should come to her)
5. let's face it. the flames kindof suck this year. but if we're in the playoffs and the nucks and greasers aren't, that is UNDENYABLE evidence that those two teams are absolute shite.