Thursday, April 10, 2008

This is not an ad for hair restoration

...But it really could be. I am doing my best to support the Flames but my hair follicles are letting me down.

Guess who isn't letting me down, Stephane Yelle. Ol' Sandbox showed some grit last night and hot damn did Iggy and Kipper put on a clinic. I have been reserved about the Flames chances here in the post season but last evening was reminiscent of a few years back.

A Quick Spin around the Playoffs:
How the mighty have fallen. The Sens will be lucky if the Commish doesn't enact a mercy rule by game three and allow Roberts and Co a bye into the SC final. It's a bad day at the office when a 50 year old dude owns your entire team. And would someone remind volchenkov that you shouldn't block pucks with your face?

The Avs and Wild, I honestly don't really care. The wild are the most boring team in the NHL.

Poor Boston. MTL has their number.

Avery cannot make the next round. Period.

Flames and Sharks tonight:
Flames win, another one goal nail biter.


MetroGnome said...

hahaha...I didn't think you'd actually do it.

walkinvisible said...

i actually quite like it.
especially in photo #2 where it appears as though you're hanging your head in shame...


Anonymous said...

looks cool dude!


Anonymous said...

Dude! Love the hair. I wonder if T-Rap shouldn't get a little trimming in honour of the Flames. Am now officially in oil country. Wonder if I will get the beats if I wear my jersey out tonight. Best not to risk my pretty face and more importantly...MY AWESOME JERSEY.

I think we will win and I'll hear the Dome cheers from up here. Mayhaps Lombo will score...


Johnny Canucklehead said...

See, I decided that I'd do my hair like Markus Naslund (or any other Swedish player over 30) -- blond and thinning. Requires very little effort on my part. But you went that extra mile. Thankfully you didn't go that extra, extra-mile and tried to make your face look like Phaneuf's...

Anonymous said...

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