Sunday, April 13, 2008

Game 3: In Game Blogging

Wow. This game is off to an extraordinarily bad start. At first I thought it was the people in the sea or red wearing white (people what color is the sea of red? this is a rhetorical question) but the real concern was the Sharks scoring 3 unanswered goals in like 72 seconds. I am pretty sure MG is completely wasted and WI is wondering if the jersey has to go.

It is just me or does the officiating stink in the playoffs. I am not referring to just the CGY-SJ series. League wide, something of pungent nature is taking place. Has anyone kept tabs on Mick Magoo(sic)?

Sarich deserves a gold star for levelling Marleau, what a hit! And thanks Dion for scoring. We might get back into this one. More next intermission.

Seriously now, stop giving him the puck. Nabby is to strong for him.

Ok, so we have 3 minutes left, not going to put this in the win column yet but wow, did the sharks ever prematurely blow the proverbial load. Gotta save something for the rest of the game dudes.


Jeremy said...

it seriously stinks! read: officiating... you happen to catch any of the bos/mtl game? PATHETIC, in my opinion, a penalty is a penalty is a penalty, whether it's the first game of the season or game 7 of the cup final, cut this 'let the players play' bs and pull your whistles out of your *****.

walkinvisible said...

fyi: i don't even bother with the jersey anymore.... but i HAVE taken to the game 1 flames logo socks. i forgot about 'em in game 2 but let me assure that even though i was sporting flipflops tonight, i had the C socks in my bag....

complete. fucking. loser, me.

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MetroGnome said...

I think "Hello. This post is likable" will become my new, generic comment on your blog now.

Anonymous said...

Hello. This post is likable.

What a game. Being out east I considered turning it off at the 5 minute mark, just to get some sleep. Then I thought, no, I will watch the first period. If they come out of that 3-1, I will watch the rest of the game. Lo and behold, Phaneuf and Sarich take turns detroying Marleau (who deserves props for getting back up and onto the ice), we get the PP, goal!

That was truly an exciting game and gave us some insight into what the Flames can do if they want it bad enough. Cujo was great too I thought.

Lots of hockey to play still... Can't get too confident, but we're on the right path.