Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Farewell Greasers

Despite a thrilling surge in the latter part of the season, the Oilers fell out of playoff contention at the hands of the Flames. Surges, as the US military can attest, are gambles at best but this one nearly worked. That being said, I feel the Oil deserve a huge congrats on playing some of the most exciting hockey ever (16-2 in the final stretch, that's amazing). Next season watch out. A great game last night.

Our Calgary Flames have yet to clinch a spot. I am glad they are road tripping right now and not home getting caught up in all the hubbub of Junos (for the US readers the Junos are like the oscars but Canadian*). As usual, our division is somewhat undecided at this point and the term 'logjam' or 'constipation' or perhaps even 'intestinal blockage' could serve as a poetic metaphor. The solution is simple, WD 40. When you need a quick-slick-clinch of sixth place look no further than north america's favorite lubricant. (that just sounds dirty)

In other news, I would like to remind my fellow Flames fans (if you can take time out of your busy schedule beating down that douchebag that was unfortunately wearing an oilers jersey) that we do not have much right to gloat over our defeat of the Oilers. At no point during the regular season has Edmonton fielded a complete roster. With the likes of Horrcoff, Torres, Moreau et al being sidelined more consistently than the Flames results it's a wonder they were even contesting a playoff spot. Likewise for the Canucks. Despite the fact I strongly dislike Van and would personally torch the Sedin's bunkbeds (with them in it) Calgary has proven inept at beating the mani-fucking-toba moose. Pound for pound, Calgary has had it easy with injuries and should have put the Oil and Vancouver on the fast track to missing the post season.

Of course, I am sure MG will provide a solid fanalytical perspective, I am just going from the gut here. In short, the next two games must be won. Put on your big girl pants CGY, it's a man's game.

* yes I know the junos are about music and not motion pictures ;-)

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Johnny Canucklehead said...

Oilers gone...tears are welling....