Thursday, April 17, 2008

Game 5: Sup Dog?

Via Trapper:

Hello GSN'ers. I'm just kicking it in my Jersey watching game 5. I have been intently watching the officiating and I have reached this simple conclusion:

I think the NHL officials would be put to better use licking my balls. It's a full time job so I'm accepting applications.



Anonymous said...

hey trapper,

any chance you could organize a little reconn/sabotage for game 6? Kind of like what you did to Vigneault and the Canucks, ultimately leading to Dave Nonuts getting fired?


Trapper said...

Let's just say I've adjusted my diet accordingly. Nabby won't know what hit him and Roenick will experience a virtual 'neutering'. bwah hahaha

walkinvisible said...

[i can't believe trapper has his own profile].

go get 'em, boy !!!
GET'EM !!!!

Rob said...

Damn WI, Trapper has his own facebook and personal chef. Damn dog is spoiled!