Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pregame vs The Blues.

Tonite, Jarome the Conqueror leads his paltry army against the vile STL Blues. Ironically, blue is the current color of my mood when the Flames are mentioned.

While a pregame is not the place to mention this suff I would like to get a few things off my chest. If you're short on time scroll on past this to the prediction section.

1) Iginla. Words cannot capture the greatness of Iggy. Be it a dominating presence on the ice, scoring goals, setting up goals, leading the team. . . is there anything he can't do better than most others in the league? Where would we be without him.

2) Kipper. Kipper is off his game. Seeing as this is the first slump we have had with him between the pipes I suggest everyone dial down the panic and dial up the support. Everyone loves a winner, especially when they are winning. If you're at the game tonite maybe whip up a sign 'We're here for Kipper' or perhaps, 'Win one for the Kipper!'.

3) Keenan. I can't decide if he's a genius or a complete and utter idiot. Playing Phaneuf 30 minutes a game is stupid and makes Dion stupid. Anyone catch the 'spinning pirouette pokey check' Dion tried on Getzlaf? That's a classic symptom of fatigue. Getzy is a guy you crush into the boards, you don't stick check him. I think Dion knows this. How about Keenan playing Ramholt for a total of 45 seconds? Geez, the kid made a mistake let him try to make up for it. Lastly, who bag skates their team the day of a game? Keenan apparently. I'd say some of the Flames problems are stemming from being beat down. For that Keenan is a fool.

4) Rumored changes. Man, Keenan is here for the year so settle down people. Secondly, don't expect a trade, we have nothing to offer anyone right now. Who you gonna give up? The scouts want Phaneuf or Iggy, the two most non-tradeable players we currently have. Ain't gonna happen.

STL is on the prowl. If you haven't noticed of late they are 8-1-1 over the last 10. One could say they are hot in a Jamaican Jerk chicken sort of way. You don't think it's hot until you're scrounging for tums to stop the intestinal burning. The Flames, on the other hand, are decidedly not hot. In fact, one wonders if their ability to win is at the city morgue with a toe tag reading Dead on Arrival. Of course these are the facts. Since when are predictions based on fact? The Flames are going to win this one. Jarome is going to get at least 3 points because Toivonen will lose his shit and resemble a sieve. The Juice will break the slump while playing on the 3rd line with Nolan and Nystrom (yeah, I know it's not possible given positions and such but work with me here). Regehr will get the hit of the game after rubbing out Stempniak as he attempts to streak in to the offensive zone. Kipper will bust out his best Ron Hextall impression and knock Tanguay the fuck out because Tangs will score STL's only goal in the game. This goal will be awarded to Keith T-Chunk.

Flames:4 STL: 1

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walkinvisible said...

The scouts want Phaneuf or Iggy, the two most non-tradeable players we currently have. Ain't gonna happen.

i disagree entirely. i think phaneuf is (unfortunately) the MOST tradeable...

think about it: once the summer rolls around, if sutter can't sign him for a deal (and dion isn't likely --at his age-- to take a hometown discount), we can't afford him. i think phaneuf (and his ego) will hold out for the 4.5 mil range, which he will get in an offer sheet without question.

ie: trade him now (sniff) and get the most we can outta him. it's too bad, really. i've been barkin' about this all year and wanted sutter to sign priority ahead of kipps.


see you in a few weeks.