Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Futility Watch

Commenting on the Flames is an exercise in futility and ironically most of my day is spent working in manner reminiscent of futility so call me a futility expert

This road trip started well. The middle was bad. The ending was . . . lame. The Wings at the Joe are a must beat team. If 3 defensemen can't stop one guy weird things start to happen. You hear murmurs of a superstitious nature. Suddenly a trip to the Joe is more like walking through the gates of Hell itself instead of a day at the office.

Where do we start? I don't know anymore. We have the pieces necessary to bring home Lord Stanley's hallowed beer stein. This is a fact we can take to the bank given that each game we see glimmers of hope from all potential aspects of the game we call hockey. However, it would be pretty neat to see all things working in one game at the same time. I won't presume it's anyone's fault but rather the failing of the team to pull it together on a collective basis.

While I do not believe the Flames are on the ropes, they aren't in the same situation as the Leaf's, I would not say they have turned the corner. Instead we are restricted to a special place, a purgatory if you will, where the Flames will still hit lots of posts, have at least one portion of their game stink each time they step on the ice in regulation time and sadly not accumulate the points necessary to choke the competition.

And, it makes me sad.


walkinvisible said...

the self-centered side of me feels that the flames are awaiting my return to the motherland before giving the best that they've got. the good news ? i'm less than three weeks away. the bad news ? uhhhh.... i've probably got nothing to do with the game results...

see youz at xmas.

Rob said...

WI! I hope the travels are going well. The Flames and the Flames Blogosphere definitely await your return.

shaun said...

very frustrating. i'm not going to get into my critiques again. it's the same thing over and over.

on a positive note, i think iginla has been great. like, really great. he was doing all he could to drag the team to a win against the wings, and he's been doing it all year. i'm glad he's setting the record tonight (against the ducks) of most games played for the franchise. great guy, great captain, great player. GO IGGY!