Friday, December 14, 2007

Flames Bottle Lightning

As most of the loyal GSN readers are Canadians (google analytics baby, I'm watching you watch me) you may be asking why the post game report has a picture of Timmies. Well, have you ever been to a Timmies located next to a highway and they guy in front of you orders the mythical insta-arteryClogger cholesterolEhancer massive-coronary in-a-biodegradable cup TRIPLE-TRIPLE? I have and it's not pretty. What is pretty though is the Calgary Flames blasting in 9 goals against the TB Lightning. In one game. Better yet, Iggy and the Juice posting hat tricks each henceforth known as the Triple-Triple. To make up for his sieve like goal tending, Kipper posted an assist as well.

So, let's stop the bus here a second. Last nights goal-a-thon was PPV so I had to listen to the fan960 on the internet. I may have missed some of the key elements but it sure seems like everyone got some huge points last evening. Even on the TB side as they pumped in a mere 6 goals themselves. All I can say is WTF?

Keenan was quoted as saying: "Anything that could happen, did. Neither coach would be happy with this game in terms of the defensive play. And if you're an offensive coach, you loved it. I don't there there are any offensive coaches in the league"

Oh, Iron Mike, I beg to differ. Tortorella is a pretty offensive guy. I'm sure his post game comments were, "YEARGH RAWRG GGGGNNNSH We NEED SOME GODDAMN GOALTENDING!" then he likely had to change his shorts because he soiled them with rage. The big T also dies his beard.

So it is still not time to get excited about the Flames. Please remain fashionably calm. Yes they have strung together 3 wins but Kipper didn't do so hot, Eriksson has returned to minus 70 kabillion and our PP still looks iron deficient in a Mischa Barton sort of way. Winning is good, and I will gladly accept the 2 points but chalk this one up to revenge for TB winning the cup in 2004. If the Flames return from this road trip 6-0 then I will get excited. I might even squee. Not before.

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