Thursday, December 6, 2007

Flames Penguins Roast Pre-game

MetroGnome has it covered: CHECK IT

Man, I can't wait for Regs to introduce Crosby to our new boards.

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Anonymous said...

i hoped the flames were gonna find a creative and innovative way to lose this one. except they couldn't even do that. it was entirely predictable. missing empty nets? 'check'. SHG breakaway that kipper doesn't stop? 'check'. pushing to overtime and putting tanguay and lombardi out there over boyd (who played a heckuva game)? 'check'.

well flames fans, i'd say this season is over. too many shoulda-won games determined by the ghost of amonte means too many lost points. now with a long road trip and regehr injured and keenan's strange coaching techniques, i don't see anything good coming out of this year. i sure hope i'm wrong. well, maybe iggy will be nominated for the mvp.