Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Church of Kiprusoff

All Rise

It would appear, after the last few outings, that Miikka is finding his groove. With a save percentage creeping back in the ~0.90 range and a plummeting GAA we look no further than Martha Stewart to reach this startling conclusion: it's a good thing. Can I get an AMEN for stealing the game against the Chicago? Can I also get an AMEN for a solid performance (in the shootout no less) against the Panthers.

Iggy's on a tear, the Juice is loose, and Eriksson is only minus a kabillion a clear improvement from November where he was minus a hajillion. I don't want to be bold and say we're turning the corner but the Flames have caught on that they need to perform at a ridiculous pace for the rest of the season to ensure a sniff of the post season. For details visit the numerically enhanced
fiveholefanatics for an awesome perspective of the crosby hype please visit openicehits.

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MetroGnome said...

Good ol' Eriksson...

If you want to make watching a Flames game extra harrowing experience, spend he entire night observing Eriksson exclusively whenever he's on the ice. The stupendously bad reads, the terrible passes, the poor'll stand-out to a degree that'll make you wonder how he gets by at all.