Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Flames Quarterly Report

DRAMA! So, Keenan weighed in on the Flames. After he yelled and screamed and banged his stick against the boards repeatedly. Aucoin mentioned that Keenan was right to finally snap. Ya think? Anyhow, Keenan's not saying anything the rest of the Flames bloggers haven't said already. MG probably wrote the report for him. The statistics speak for themselves.


shaun said...

ya it definitely sounds like the flames are starting to, well, heat up. kipper apparently was quite volatile in practice yesterday as well. and i believe i heard on fan960 that sutter showed up to practice too.

i think keenan was using these first 20 games to observe and encourage the team. now it's go-time. there are no more excuses (new roster players, new coach, etc.). i really believe this line-up can do some damage, but they need to play with consistent effort and as a team.

the defence is slower than i'd like, but nothing that can't be made up for by responsible forwards. the '1a' players - juice, langkow, tanguay, lombardi - need to be the superstars they can be every single night.

the one guy i'm worried about is kipper. is he tired? warming up? not gelling with the new defence? something is wrong and i hope he can turn it around asap. maybe some popcorn time is what he needs to get his head back?

Rob said...

What are your thought's on the D puck movement though, that's certainly been raised by some key people, Scotty Bowman among them. The D doesn't need to be lightning fast, but it does need to be able to get the puck to the A-Line.

leanne said...

Phaneuf has been the only one of the D to consistently skate the puck in... but to my eyes, he's still not very confident when it does so - he's trying to do too much with that puck once it's in, and he doesn't need to, necessarily...that's why we have forwards...

I think, provided he hasn't already turned it over, Eriksson does it too, but it's hard to tell ;)