Monday, November 5, 2007

Pre-Game: Avs vs Flames

This evening the Calgary Flames look to stave off a 3 game losing skid while on the road. Of course, the could not have picked a better team to play; the Colorado Avalanche. Despite losing to the Avs in their last 6 meetings and who can forget blowing the 4 goal lead last time they were in the Pepsi Centre, Iggy and the boys remain confident they will prevail against the likes of Sakic and Svatos. Keep in mind, it was Sakic and Svatos that engineered Calgary's lame assed defeat October 16th.

So what can Calgary do to ensure victory? Well, leave eriksson at the hotel for starters. Perhaps light a small but very hot fire under the ass of Robyn Regehr. MetroGnome at FiveHoleFanatics has some stellar indepth analysis of the current Flames defensive situation. While I hope for a Flames win, I predict this will be a loss in OT or the shootout.


MetroGnome said...

Thanks for the love.

I hope the boys can turn it around tonight.

Rob said...

MG, thanks for the stellar analysis. Here's to hoping the boys find a win this evening.